Matelas Sarah
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Matelas Sarah

The Sarah mattress provides sumptuous and balanced comfort for all sleepers as well as proven independent support in winter and summer.

The suspension is comprised of Air Spring® pocket springs which offer pleasurable comfort with a progressive point-by-point hold that adapts to your morphology and provides perfect independent support.

  • Firm Support
  • Firm Comfort
  • Loft: 30 cm

Air Spring® pocket spring suspension : A progressive sleep surface that follows the sleeper’s curves and adapts to all positions. The perfect point-by-point hold with excellent independent support.
Integral quilting : This work is exclusively done by hand by our artisans, guaranteeing the filling will stay in place and the surface will remain puffy and full for long-lasting comfort.
Fairing: No deformation and an extended mattress life guaranteed. Optimal comfort and hold from one edge of the mattress to the other.

In winter: 2 cm Softcare®, 3 cm Softcare®, 100 g/m2 Linen-Silk-Cashmere. The Cashmere produces a sumptuous gentle warmth all while respecting the natural balance of thermoregulation as Silk and Linen are breathable materials.

In summer: 1.5 cm Softcare®, 100 g/m2 Linen-Silk-Cashmere

Surface ticking featuring a boutis motif and strip ticking 100% viscose (SAR20) for a silky touch. Simple elegance, it’s inspired by the Provence.

“Tréca x Maison Sarah Lavoine” quilted and embroidered strip. A very elegant aesthetic finish that also provides for excellent strip hold. The signature of Maison Sarah Lavoine is directly affixed to the mattress.

4 embroidered handles: A high-end signature feature by the creators of Maison Tréca and easy mattress handling.

4 vents: The vents ensure perfect ventilation and mattress hygiene.

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