Our noble materials

To make our luxury bedding even more welcoming, we've selected the finest materials to offer you a wide choice of comforts, tailored to your needs. Whether natural or technical, we choose our materials for their thermal, hydrophilic and resilient qualities, to ensure long-lasting comfort.

Royal Alpaca

Alpacas live in the Andes, mainly in Peru and Bolivia, at altitudes of around 4,000 meters, where temperatures drop below -20°. Its secret to withstanding these temperatures is its wool. Unlike llamas, alpacas do not shed or lose their hair. Shearing is therefore essential to its comfort and well-being.

The fiber from the first shearing is sorted, and the finest fibers undergo 4 filtration processes to produce Royal Alpaca. This is why Royal represents only 1% of the world's alpaca yarn production! Royal Alpaca wool is renowned for its thermal and comfort qualities, which is what makes our top-of-the-range bedding so exceptional. Because it is very long, very fine and very hollow, it stores a lot of air. Highly insulating, it does not retain moisture.

Baby Camel

Domesticated for over 3,500 years, this Bactrian camel from Inner Mongolia lives on the high mountain plateaus where the climate is frigid. The wool of this rare and precious species is renowned for its abundance, quality and warmth. Baby Camel is the wool obtained from the first shearing of camels. 

In addition to being warm and resistant, its down is extremely fine and soft, making our Tréca mattresses of impeccable quality. Protecting against the cold, Baby Camel's hair has been attributed in ancient times with certain medicinal virtues that are still relevant today. The dry warmth it provides is renowned for soothing joint pain, neuralgia and rheumatism.

Merino wool from Arles

Mérinos d'Arles, also found in Tréca luxury bedding, is a cross between Arles sheep and Merinos imported from Spain to improve wool quality in France. The latter is the most plump wool in the world and indisputably the finest in France, with a fineness comparable to cashmere.

Its extremely hollow, curly fiber stores heat in winter, but also keeps it cool in summer. Devoid of jarre, a coarse fiber that tends to scratch the skin, Laine Mérinos d'Arles is ultra-fine and non-stinging. It's so soft and silky it's suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Baby Lama

Some of our made-to-measure beds are made from Baby Lama. An emblematic animal of Latin America, the llama is renowned for its ability to adapt to extreme climatic variations. Baby Llama wool comes from the very first shearing of the animal. Careful sorting is carried out to separate the fine down from the rest of the fleece: it's this extremely light, soft down that gives Baby Llama its credentials.

Baby Llama wool production is less than 1kg/year. Its highly resilient wool is able to store heat and distribute it when it's cold. As soft as cashmere, it is warmer, lighter and more resistant.