Our Know How

Achieving the Savoir Dormir is an art that Tréca offers you through the nobility of its selected materials, the expertise of its workshops and the talent of its designers. Respect for tradition and made-to-measure manufacturing have made Maison Tréca a benchmark in top-of-the-range bedding.

Expertise praised by General de Gaulle

In 1995, Maison Tréca designed and produced bedding sets, mattresses, box springs and armrests to meet the needs of a new clientele. In May 1959, General de Gaulle visited the Beaugency plant, which is still entirely French today. Today, Tréca continues to manufacture its own steel springs at the Reichshoffen plant. This know-how has been passed down from generation to generation.

Tréca, more than a premium mattress or bed, proposes a lifestyle, an art of living and even an art of sleeping. A sleeping knowledge inspired by the great Parisian palaces, designers from all over the world, the best craftsmen and workers, and all the French tradition and know-how recognized the world over. More than a moment's rest, more than a break between two busy days, Tréca bedding invites you to rub shoulders with the world of "good sleep". A sleep that invites you to escape, to travel...

Sleep excellence made to measure

Because every sleep is unique and deserves the best, we leave nothing to chance. From the use of our precious fabrics to the smallest hand-sewn finishing touches, we offer a selection of custom beds for a privileged night's sleep.

  • French manufacturer since 1935
  • International presence
  • Invented in Reichshoffen
  • Mastery of made-to-measure: custom embroidery on request and all sizes & shapes are possible

The suspensions

In 1947, Victor Moritz decided to buy the Pullman license and, in France, built the machines capable of exploiting these patents: thus was born the legendary suspension system that notably equipped the seats of the famous Pullman Wagons. 

As the inventor of full upholstery and the Pullman spring found in premium mattresses, Maison Tréca is resolutely technological. The Pullman and Air Spring suspensions have since made Tréca mattresses famous for their dimensionally stable quality.

The upholstery

The full upholstery of the trays is entirely handmade and completes the finish of our premium mattresses. The two sides of the mattresses are joined together by hand, with fasteners passing through the suspension and upholstery. 

Traditional, patented upholstery reinforces the structure of the mattress, making it dimensionally stable and long-lasting.