Resources Program

Through the Adova Group's Resources Program, Tréca is committed to a sustainable, caring future and to developing a wide range of products that are more natural and more respectful of the environment.

An ethical future of solidarity

Adova Group is committed to respecting, promoting and supporting the values and fundamental rights recognized in France and in the countries where the company operates. 

Adova Group is also committed to making "good sleep" accessible to all.

A sustainable economy

As a French company, we value the preservation of local know-how and local partnerships to develop the economy and sustainable employment.

French manufacturing: all Tréca mattresses are entirely handmade, without biocides, in our workshops in Mer (Loir-et-Cher) and Reichshoffen (Alsace) by our master craftsmen.

Environmental protection

Adova Group believes that no company can exist sustainably without taking its environmental performance into account. That's why we strive to minimize our environmental footprint, and why sustainable development is one of our top priorities.

Since its creation over 85 years ago, Tréca has been committed to customer comfort, guaranteeing the use of materials that respect both sleep and the environment. Tréca offers a French art of sleeping by developing mattresses made from noble, natural materials, guaranteed without biocides.