$62,818.00 *
Medium Firm, Firm, Very Firm


Auguste was born from the hands of our best craftsmen: a demonstration of Tréca's know-how and excellence.

Bed base, support mattress, mattress pad and overlay mattress are manufactured and sold together to guarantee made-to-measure comfort. Tréca's craftsmanship is celebrated here by the delicate and unique work of our seamstresses and embroiderers, who have upholstered the Gressey headboard by Charles Tassin in an exceptional fabric, as well as the bed base and the support mattress band. The Fleurs d'Eau fabric, created by Pierre Frey in collaboration with the Louvre Museum, is inspired by Egyptian art and embellished with handmade embroidery. Its noble and natural materials, its exceptional fabric and its exclusive collaborations make Auguste a true collective masterpiece.

No detail is left to chance in the composition of the Auguste Bed, starting with the nobility of the materials used: Merino wool from Arles, Royal Alpaca wool and silk. More than 100 steps were necessary for its creation, from the cutting of these materials to the manufacture of the springs of the support mattress, via the facing and the manufacture of the headboard, to the final quality control. Auguste is a bed with the ultimate level of comfort and embodies an unprecedented level of expertise.

Practical information:

  • Auguste bed: total height 80 cm
  • Support: Medium firm, firm or very firm
  • Upholstered base: H 26 cm (Airspring, wood, wool and horsehair mix)
  • Upholstered support mattress: H 30 cm (Airspring pocket springs, Merino wool from Arles, wool and horsehair mix)
  • Supporting mattress: H 15 cm (Airspring pocket springs, Merino wool from Arles, Royal Alpaca wool, Silk and Wool)
  • On mattress: H 8 cm (Arles Merino Wool, Royal Alpaca Wool, Silk)
  • Wooden legs: H 4.5 cm
  • Monogrammed ticking in viscose and wool

The Auguste bed is available with all TRECA headboards.

$62,818.00 *
Unique comfort

Possibility to choose the colour of the leather for the handles and the straps of the mattress topper from our Tréca collection.

Possibility to choose a Dior pleat finish according to the fabric.

Possibility to choose the colour of the embroidery thread from our list: Golden Beige, Red, Carmine, Blue Grey, Petroleum, Taupe, Yellow, Navy, Orange, Green, Grey, Blue, Brown, Mustard, Black and White.

Support mattress - H: 30cm
Air Spring® cotton pocket springs and 2 layers of Air Spring® mini pocket springs: An iconic suspension for a progressive welcome adapted to all morphologies, a perfect independence of sleep and a real support point by point.

Full hand-tied upholstery: An operation carried out exclusively by hand to guarantee exceptional comfort that lasts over time. Only 3 craftsmen are capable of performing this complex technique, as it requires several years of experience.

Hand-upholstered strip in the Pierre Frey fabric of your choice: Completely handmade and requiring more than 24 hours of work, the lateral upholstery consists of creating hundreds of points of contact between the edge of the mattress and the spring structure, thus offering perfect support over the entire mattress. Exceptionally for this bed, this strip is covered with a Pierre Frey fabric of your choice, showing the extent of the unique know-how of our master craftsmen.

In winter: 2,880gr* of Arles Merino wool and 3,600gr* of wool

Mattress - H: 15 cm
2 layers of Air Spring® mini-suspensions
Full hand-tied padding
In winter: 1 440gr* of Arles Merino Wool, 1 440gr* of Royal Alpaca
In summer: 1440gr* Arles Merino wool and 1440gr* Silk
In summer and winter: 3,600gr* of Wool

On mattress - H: 8 cm
In winter: 1440gr* of Arles Merino Wool and 1440gr* of Royal Alpaca
In summer: 1440gr* Arles Merino Wool and 1440gr* Silk
Bed base - H: 26 cm
Air Spring® pocket springs and a mixture of horsehair and wool
Pine structure: a guarantee of longevity
Facing available in the Pierre Frey fabric of your choice

Headboard Gressey - H: 160 cm
Designed by Charles Tassin
Available in the Pierre Frey fabric of your choice
In summer: 1 440gr* of Arles Merino Wool and 3 960gr* of Horsehair and Wool blend

Choice of fabric from the Pierre Frey collection: Tréca shares its values of tradition and craftsmanship, its attachment to French manufacturing and its know-how of excellence with Pierre Frey, publisher of upholstery fabrics since 1935.

Coutil 59 % viscose 41 % wool

Striped frame: for the robustness of the mattress

Embroidered trays: possibility to embroider the text or motif of your choice

8 embroidered leather handles

Bi-comfort option for the support mattress and the welcome mattress

8 feet included: 4.5 cm

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