La Maison Tréca

Immerse yourself in the world of Maison Tréca, where the cult of sleep and the French art of sleeping were born.

Discover our history, the unique craftsmanship of our master artisans, and our commitment to a sustainable future.

since 1935

At Tréca, every material is a treasure. From silk to wool to steel springs. At Tréca, every day counts, every hour, the time to create is the greatest value.

A true objet d'art, it takes the work of many hands, many days and many skills to make a Tréca mattress.

A French story

Tréca was born in 1935, and played an active part in the war effort during the Second World War, manufacturing mattresses for the French Army Medical Corps.

Over the years, Tréca has sought to go ever further in comfort. French know-how handed down from generation to generation.


Tréca was born in 1935. A new sleep culture was born. Spring mattresses, upholstery, but above all, comfort.

With the invention of integral upholstery, Pullman springs and Air Spring pocketed suspension, Tréca turned mattresses into veritable objets d'art.

Noble materials

To make the best mattresses in the world, it's natural to use only the finest materials.

Every day, our craftsmen work with materials of a preciousness matched only by their know-how.

Rare wools, French linen, natural silk... treasures of nature artfully transformed in our workshops for the best of sleeps.

Tréca and the
Resources Program

Through the ADOVA Group's Resources Program, Tréca is committed to a CSR approach.

For a sustainable, united and responsible future, Tréca ensures the development of its products with the greatest respect for the environment.