Choosing my Treca

Over the course of our lives, we sleep for an average of 25 years. That's why it's so important to choose the right Tréca mattress. The comfort and firmness of your luxury mattress are the two key points to consider when making your choice.

Testing your bedding

It's essential to test your bedding before buying a mattress, preferably on the base you wish to buy, or on a base with the same technology as your own (slats, springs...) if you wish to keep it. 

The choice of base will have a considerable impact on the comfort and durability of your luxury mattress over time.

What is good bedding?

A good luxury mattress should encourage the body to relax: lying down, our body is freed from tension; muscles and the spine relax. Be adapted to the body's morphology: soft and firm at the same time, the mattress must support all parts of the body. Body weight must be distributed evenly. Firm, but not too firm... Because if the mattress is too hard, the spinal column is not aligned.

In reality, defining "good bedding" is highly subjective. It's all about supporting your body and feeling comfortable when you're about to join the world of dreams. Tréca, l'Art de bien dormir. 

Understanding sleep

Sleep is a real public health issue, and it seems essential to optimize the time devoted to it. If the cycles that make up sleep are not respected, productivity, mood and physical health can all be affected. You need to understand the phases of sleep to spend restful nights on your Tréca bedding. Contrary to popular belief, sleep is a rather complex, active phenomenon. It can be described as follows: wakefulness, slow wave sleep, falling asleep, light slow wave sleep, deep slow wave sleep, REM sleep.  A typical night comprises 4 to 6 sleep cycles, each lasting 90 minutes.

The 1st sleep phase is slow wave sleep, during which the brain falls asleep. The body may jerk, breathing is regulated, but it's still easy to wake up. In the 2nd phase, the brain goes into light slow-wave sleep, muscles and eyes relax. Sleep then becomes deeper, the body regenerates and it becomes difficult to wake up. In phase 3, dreams take over the brain, indicating REM sleep. To sum up, your sleep cycle is as follows: - Falling asleep 5 to 10 min 

  • - Slow / light sleep from 10 to 15 min
  • - Deep sleep 30 min
  • - Very deep sleep 30 min 
  • - REM sleep: 10 to 15 min.

Added to this is the fact that each individual has his or her own sleep rhythms and needs. After all, every sleep and every sleeper is unique.

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