Our Warranty

Tréca luxury mattresses are made with the same craftsmanship that will ensure you years of exceptional comfort. The noble materials used, the hand-sewn finishes and the craftsmanship are the guarantee of the quality of our top-of-the-range mattresses and of all Tréca products.

The Tréca warranty

Our Tréca mattresses are guaranteed for 5 years. As your Tréca slat base is an essential part of the maintenance of your mattress, we offer you a 7-year extended guarantee on the purchase of a Tréca mattress and slat base set. Our accessories are guaranteed for 2 years. Find out more about our warranty conditions.

An exceptional product: an exceptional guarantee

With the purchase of an Apogée mattress from the Couture collection, Tréca's top-of-the-range collection, this guarantee is for 25 years.

Warranty certificate

The guarantee of responsible sleep

The comfort of a bed is something no one can compromise on. At Tréca, this comfort is synonymous with respect for the natural environment from which our materials are sourced. Our mattresses are essentially made from noble, natural materials such as Royal Alpaca, Arles Merino wool, silk and 100% French linen.

We always favor collaboration with French partners, as close as possible to our workshops. When our rare materials are not available in France, we seek them out outside the territory of those who grow them ethically and responsibly.

Made in France

We are proud of the Tréca know-how that has been perpetuated for many years in our two French factories: the historic Reichshoffen workshop in Alsace and the Mer site in the Loir-et-Cher region, home to the heart of Tréca innovation.

French sleep excellence

With its range of top-of-the-range mattresses, Maison Tréca offers excellence in French sleep. Our craftsmen get up every morning to make the best mattresses, box springs and other accessories for your bedroom. Tréca is the brand of excellence, craftsmanship, the great Parisian palaces and French sleeping know-how. 

Our expertise in the manufacture of luxury mattresses has been passed down from generation to generation, to the delight of our customers.