What size mattress should I choose?

For all practical matters, you should choose a mattress size based on the space you have in your room. And for your comfort, you should make a choice based on your morphology and sleeping habits. (Sleeping position, sleep alone or with your partner...). For example, we recommend at least choosing a 160 x 200 cm mattress for a couple.

What exactly does mattress “comfort” mean?

The comfort is the sum of two very important notions when testing a mattress: the sleep surface and support. 

The first is the initial feeling you get upon lying down. The sleep surface can be plush, sumptuous or dynamic. The second is the degree of firmness you feel throughout the night and which keeps your spine aligned (medium-firm, firm, very firm).

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How can I find the store closest to me?

To find the store closest to you, please use our store locator. Just type in your post code or city and the list of stores will be directly updated.

How can I contact the store closest to me?

You’ll find all the contact details for our stores at our store locator page and in each of the store descriptions.

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