What size mattress should I choose?

For all practical matters, you should choose a mattress size based on the space you have in your room. And for your comfort, you should make a choice based on your morphology and sleeping habits. (Sleeping position, sleep alone or with your partner...). For example, we recommend at least choosing a 160 x 200 cm mattress for a couple.

What exactly does mattress “comfort” mean?

The comfort is the sum of two very important notions when testing a mattress: the sleep surface and support. 

The first is the initial feeling you get upon lying down. The sleep surface can be plush, sumptuous or dynamic. The second is the degree of firmness you feel throughout the night and which keeps your spine aligned (medium-firm, firm, very firm).

What are the differences between the different types of comfort?

The comfort of a mattress is determined by the support (medium-firm, firm or very firm) as well as the sleep surface (sumptuous, firm, dynamic). At Tréca, we offer a number of varied and even customizable comforts to suit your own unique needs.

How can you differentiate between the two sleep sides: summer side and winter side?

All of our Tréca mattresses have got a summer and a winter sleep side to guarantee optimal sleep year round. A label sewn into the head of the mattress on the strip indicates the winter side with an arrow. If you cannot find this information, here’s a little reminder: the winter side is the top when you can read our embroidered handles the right way up. When they are upside down, the top is the summer side. 

What types of materials are used in your mattresses?

Tréca carefully selects noble, rare and all-natural materials like Arles Merino wool, Mohair wool, Alpaca wool, French linen, silk, cashmere... Where are your products made? All of our products are made in France at our workshop in Mer near the Chambord castle or at our historic Reichshoffen workshop in Alsace.

How can I be sure the dimensions of my mattress are correct?

Our products meet the requirements of European standard 1334 which allows manufacturers a tolerance in length and width of +0 to -2 cm and a tolerance in thickness of + or - 10 mm.

There’s a stain on my Tréca mattress.  How can I remove it?

We recommend using only a little Marseille soap on a damp cloth. To prevent stains on your mattress, we strongly recommend using a mattress protector.

What is the best mattress for backpain?

The ideal mattress depends on your morphology, your sleeping position as well as your personal sleep preferences. The most important thing is for your spine to be perfectly aligned.

Which mattress should I choose if I don’t want to feel my spouse moving around all night?

The Air Spring suspension in our mattresses offers unbeatable independent support because of the pocket spring suspension system.

Do I need to turn my mattress over in summer and winter?

We recommend rotating your mattress from head to foot and from the winter to summer side regularly to even out the natural compression of the padding materials.

How should I choose the size of my bed base or headboard?

The size of the bed base should correspond to the size of the mattress. For example, you should choose a 160 x 200 cm bed base for a 160 x 200 cm mattress. Nonetheless, the important thing is to confirm the size of your stairwell, doors... everything you need to pass to access your room. If you think it’s necessary, you may choose two 80 x 200 cm bed bases. As far as the headboard, the dimensions must correspond to the width of the bed base and mattress. For example, you should choose a 160 cm headboard for a 160 x 200 cm bed base and mattress. Nonetheless, some of our headboards must have an overhang of 20 cm (10 cm on each side of the bed base). In such cases, you must choose a 180 cm headboard for a 160 x 200 cm bed base and mattress.

How can I try out a mattress?

If you wish to try out a mattress, you can visit one of our points of sale.  Find out which is closest to you using our Store Locator.

What is your product warranty?

Tréca guarantees its mattress and bed bases for 5 years as long as all of the warranty conditions have been observed. If you purchase a Tréca mattress and bed base together, the warranty is extended to 7 years. Mechanical elements and accessories are covered by a 2-year warranty.

I saw a fabric I liked upon a previous visit, but I can’t find it on the site today. What can I do?

At Tréca, it is very rare for one of our fabrics to be out of stock. If something is out of stock and the waiting time is quite long, please wait or choose one of the other fabrics available online. You may choose from among an immense selection of references and Pierre Frey colours.

Do you have any shape memory mattresses?

Our Nuage and Clair de Lune T by Treca mattresses are models that include shape memory.

What is the minimum height for a good mattress?

The height or thickness of a mattress does not define the quality. What’s most important are the materials. Tréca mattresses are designed with exceptional materials that guarantee a long life and excellent mattress comfort.

If I want to buy a single bed, should I choose a length of 190 or 200?

For an adult, we recommend choosing a 200 cm long mattress.

How long does a Tréca mattress last?

Our mattresses are very high quality and made to last a long time. Changing your bedding is a personal choice we can’t make for you (a move, a desire for something new, hygiene...). However, we can be sure of one thing.  If you want to change your bedding, you’ll want another Tréca mattress! 

Can I get fabric samples?

If you’d like to see the fabrics, we recommend visiting one of our stores.