Our noble materials

The unique comfort of luxury bedding should leave nothing to chance; at Tréca, everything is carefully planned and worked. We only select noble materials and find them wherever they are the best. Long-lasting, natural, thermal, hydrophilic, resilient, fluffy, silky... so many qualities that make our mattresses exceptional.


Royal Alpaca

Alpacas live in the Andes, essentially in Peru and Bolivia, at around 4000 metres in altitude where the temperatures drop to -20°. The secret to resisting these temperatures lies in the wool.

Unlike Llamas, Alpacas do not shed their fleece. Shearing is thus essential for its comfort and wellbeing. The first wool sheared in the life of an alpaca is set aside. The fibre from this shearing is sorted and the finest fibres go through 4 filtration processes to produce Royal Alpaca. This is why Royal only accounts for 1% of the world’s Alpaca thread production.

Royal Alpaca wool is known for its thermal qualities and comfort and that’s what makes our high-end bedding so exceptional. Because it’s very long, very fine and very hollow, it holds in a lot of air which means it’s very insulating. Plus, it does not retain moisture at all.

Arles Merino

Arles Merino wool is connected to the history of France. Having heard that Merino wool from Spain was robust and incredibly soft, Louis XVI imported a flock to France.

The first an animals arrived in 1783 and were kept at the national sheep pen in Rambouillet. Other facilities of this kind were then created including several in the south of France where the climate is more similar to that of Spain.

At one of these sheep farms in Arles, the Merino sheep were crossed with Arles sheep which led to the birth of a new race: Arles Merino sheep. Its extremely fine and very gentle and supple fibres and thermoregulating and anti-bacterial properties make it the ideal climate material to fill our mattresses.



Domesticated for more than 3,500 years, this Bactrian camel from Inner Mongolia lives in the high mountainous plateaus in a freezing climate. The wool from this rare and precious species is prized for its abundance, quality and warmth.
Baby Camel is the wool that comes from the first shearing. Besides being hot and resistant, the down is extremely fine and soft meaning it provides Tréca mattresses with unbeatable quality. The camel's fleece acts as a natural climate control system and regulates the humidity level in addition to being hypoallergenic for healthier sleep.
Providing protection from cold weather, Baby Camel hair was said to have certain medicinal virtues in ancient times and even today since the dry heat it provides is known to soften joint pain, neuralgia and rheumatism.