How can I find the store closest to me?

To find the store closest to you, please use our store locator. Just type in your post code or city and the list of stores will be directly updated.

How can I contact the store closest to me?

You’ll find all the contact details for our stores at our store locator page and in each of the store descriptions.

How can I make an appointment via the website?

To make an appointment, just go to the Store Locator and choose the "Type of appointment > in store” filter.  You’ll get the list of stores that welcome customers inside. Refine your search by entering your post code.

What is an appointment for?

Making an appointment is a service we offer at some of our stores so you can test out our Tréca products and get advice from a bedding expert.

I can’t find a store near me.

If there is no store near you, you can make a videoconferencing appointment with the store of your choice. Go to the Store Locator page, choose the “Type of appointment” and “Videoconferencing” filter. The list of stores will be automatically updated

I’d like to make an appointment at store X, but I haven’t received a response.

Upon making an appointment, the store receives your request. It will contact you to confirm the date and time of your appointment. We do not recommend visiting the store without their confirmation.  Call them directly by phone if you’d like.  The telephone number can be found on the store locator page of the website.

The store from which I’d like an online quote is not listed for selection.

Not all stores respond to quote requests. To choose a store that will respond to your quote request, please go to the Store Locator, select the “Type of appointment” “Videoconferencing” and/or “In store” filter and the list of stores that offer responses to quote requests will be updated. Just choose the store of your choice.