Tréca & M.Christian Lacroix

Following in the footsteps of its collaborations with leading French designers and couturiers, in 2018 Tréca is carrying out an unprecedented collaboration with Christian Lacroix.

An original creation inspired by multiple journeys

A couturier of colour, Monsieur Christian Lacroix has a distinctive style and uses his talent to sublimate the classic headboard into a true work of art. 

This collection, with its warm colours and ethnic elements inspired by motifs brought back from numerous travels, is an invitation to escape while remaining in line with the latest trends. 

In 2018, he designed the Double Jeu headboard and the Bastide mattress for Tréca.

"The craftsman/artist partnership is more than important. I appreciate that my work participates in everyday life with, in return, Tréca's craftsmanship, which fascinates me greatly." Mr Christian Lacroix.

Limited Edition

The Bastide mattress offers enveloping, well-balanced comfort that all sleepers love, with proven independence in both winter and summer. Its suspension is made up of pocketed Air Spring springs that offer you pleasant comfort thanks to progressive support point by point, adapted to your morphology and perfect sleeping independence.

The side padding reinforces the stability and hold of the mattress, ensuring that the fillings stay in place over time.

We've selected the finest materials to give you the best possible quality of sleep.

This original model, designed and manufactured in collaboration with Mr Christian Lacroix, can be combined with the "Double Jeu" headboard or the headboard of your choice, decorated with the fabric designed by the designer.


Double Jeu

The extravagant curve of the headboard honours the couple by forming a "duo" called Double-Jeu.

Two cushions have also been designed by Monsieur Lacroix to complement the ensemble and create a harmony of refined detail. The designer also came up with the fabric pattern for the mattress, inspired by a Provençal boutis. "I worked on these headboards by drawing on elements from the distant past, both geographical and historical. 

"I voluntarily offered Tréca the challenge of having fabrics that look as if they have been worn by time or faded in places and I am very impressed by the way Tréca has rendered these shadows on a modern and durable material" Mr Christian Lacroix.