Decorative fabrics

A selection of around 80 fabrics is available to cover your Tréca bed base and headboard. A wide choice of materials, weaves and colours to match your bedroom.

New additions to the 2023 collection

Tréca favours the use of noble materials in its mattresses, but also in the manufacture of its decorative products. 

To enhance your bedroom, Tréca offers new fabrics every year in new trendy materials and colours, such as bouclette, corduroy and 100 % French linen.

100% French linen

Linen is THE environmentally-friendly fibre par excellence: it requires very few pesticides, uses very little water and does not damage the soil. That's why we work with one of the oldest linen weavers in France. 

A certified Living Heritage Company, it has been weaving linen since 1835. We are committed to combating CO2 emissions through the geographical proximity of our growing and processing sites, which are all located in the north of France and in Normandy.

To offer ever more natural products, Tréca offers its customers the option of a linen coutil on the Couture, Paris and Impérial collections. This linen is 100% French, from cultivation to spinning, and is Oeko-Tex certified.

Natural materials & weaving in Europe

Involved in eco-responsibility since its creation, Tréca extends its high standards to the choice of fabrics on offer. The Amure, Piuma, Camille, French linen, Daphné and Dorian fabrics are made from natural materials such as cotton, wool and linen.

These natural materials are then sublimated through weaving and trendy colours. Tréca has also invited European or French spinning mills to collaborate on this new bundle in order to offer more local fabrics and reduce transport emissions. Armure and Baptiste are woven in Spain, Camille and Daphné in Belgium and French linen in France.

Trendy fabrics

As a top-of-the-range French brand, Tréca works closely with designers and architects to create elegant, modern products. The 2023 fabric bundle therefore includes the most fashionable fabrics of the moment. 

Bouclette, Chenille (Daphné, Carla) and corduroy (Désiré) are new additions to the catalogue. Timeless fabrics such as armour, velvet, linen and glacé linen will continue to delight lovers of elegance and tradition.

La Maison Tréca

For over 85 years, Maison Tréca has been offering more than just bedding - it's a lifestyle, an art of living and even an art of sleeping the French way. A way of sleeping inspired by the creations of great designers, craftsmen with know-how known and recognised throughout the world, and nourished by the quintessence of the most prestigious places. 

Le sommeil Tréca invites you to abandon yourself in a timeless universe, where the unreal is the only reality... And where time stands still.

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