Customize the comfort

Our Reichshoffen workshop constantly seeks to create never seen before comforts and to meet all your expectations. You comfort needs are often not the same as your spouse’s. So, Tréca has developed custom beds offering a “bi-comfort” option; in other words, the possibility of customising the comfort on the right and left of the mattress differently. This option is guaranteed to meet each one’s needs in the very same bed.

Choosing mattress ticking

Ticking is the fabric that covers your Tréca mattress. In order to make it even more noble and natural, you can choose French linen ticking or GOTS certified organic cotton. Linen is THE organic fibre par excellence: very little pesticide and water is used to grow it and the farming techniques used do not damage the soil. We work on this with one of the oldest Linen producers in France. Granted the French Living Heritage Company (EPV) seal, it has mastered linen production since 1835.
About GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification. This world-renowned reference includes all the textile transformation phases: production of raw fibre as well as respect for environmental and social criteria in the transformation processes.

Customize your bed

We have partnered with trend offices and designers to create designer, deco and refined luxury beds. Maison Tréca offers custom bed bases and headboards in a wide variety of fabrics such as velvet, silk, linen, wool and leather.  Go to the “Deco fabric and leather colors” section to discover them all.
If you’d like a adjustable luxury bed base, we can meet your most demanding expectations and adapt your high-end 160 x 200 cm Tréca mattress to a adjustable bed base, for example. Our artisans prioritise specific materials and manufacturing techniques so your Tréca mattress can perfectly survive the slopes in your bed base.

Customize your couture mattress by having your initial embroidered on its top side. With the Couture collection, the surface (the top of your mattress) can be embroidered with your initials.