Our heritage

The Tréca brand, made exclusively in France, has never ceased to develop its hand-sewn expertise. Respect for tradition and made-to-measure solutions have made the brand a benchmark in top-of-the-range bedding.

Tréca invents the bedding sector in France

The history of Tréca began in 1935 in Reichshoffen, taking its name from the TREfilerie-CAblerie owned by the Moritz family. René Moritz, founder of Tréca and one of the most eminent chemical engineers of the time, was a visionary man: in a bedding market that was non-existent at the time, he had the idea of using high-resistance springs for the first time in mattresses, which he covered with a layer of real wool. 

Tréca mattresses revolutionized bedding: mothers passed on to their daughters old, reworked mattresses that had been in the family for generations, while furniture dealers gave buyers straw mattresses that were mattresses in name only. The French were now interested in the comfort of their nights, and department stores such as Le Bon Marché distributed Tréca. Mr Moritz invented the mattress and sleep market.

La Maison Tréca, a unique artisanal house

85 years of craftsmanship and creation

  • - Inventor of the integral cushioning system and the Pullman spring
  • - Exclusive spring manufacturing in our two workshops
  • - Tradition of made-to-measure and unique models
  • - International presence in 33 countries

Product excellence

  • - Two generations of craftsmen trained in Tréca know-how
  • - A Decoration trends office dedicated to our customers' expectations and current trends
  • - A design office for the creation and innovation of our products
  • - Specific quality controls at every stage in the manufacture of our products

The heritage of unique know-how

  • - Hand-made upholstery on all our top-of-the-range beds
  • - Meticulous selection of rare and noble materials
  • - Jacquard coutil on all our collections, the signature of Maison Tréca
  • - Authentic, exacting attention to every detail of our products' aesthetics, since 1935

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The French way to sleep

Because every sleep is unique and deserves the best, we leave nothing to chance. From the use of our precious fabrics to the smallest hand-sewn finishing touches. We offer a tailor-made approach to bedding for a unique bed and a privileged sleep.

More than just a mattress or bed, Tréca offers a lifestyle, an art of living and even an art of sleeping. A way of sleeping inspired by the great Parisian palaces, international designers, the finest craftsmen and artisans, and all the French tradition and know-how recognized the world over. More than just a moment of rest, a break between two busy days, Tréca sleep invites you to escape, to travel... Tréca the French way to sleep.