Mattress Impérial Cruise
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Mattress Impérial Cruise

The Impérial Cruise mattress offers firm support and comfort with Air Spring® pocket spring suspension which provides a progressive sleep surface that follows the body’s curves and ensures a point-by-point hold and excellent independent support. The climatic materials combining Softcare® with wool in summer and cotton in winter provide a plush sleep surface and exceptional natural thermoregulation. You can add the relaxation option to your mattress to make it compatible with our relaxation bed bases for even more personalised comfort.

  • Firm Support
  • Firm Comfort
  • Loft: 19 cm

French Linen Ticking Option

A-Z production in the north of France and in Normandy by our certified Living Heritage Company supplier. This fibre is produced under very responsible farming techniques [Our commitments] requiring very little pesticide and water.

Relaxation option

Compatible with a relaxation bed base, ideal for a unique moment of repose.

Air Spring® pocket spring suspension: The springs used for this Tréca mattress are separated by a pocket to guarantee excellent independent support. The sleeper’s different positions are followed and controlled for a differentiated and evolutional sleep surface.

Integral quilting: Maison Tréca integral quilting is an essential part of our mattress production. Done by hand, it’s crucial to keeping the materials in place on the surface on the two sleep sides.

Fairing: Durability and comfort are guaranteed with the seating area reinforced to maintain the shape of the initial mattress.

The Impérial Cruise mattress has a winter side and a summer side, both are made of 1.5 cm firm Softcare® and a noble blend of 100g/m² Linen-Silk-Cashmere. They are differentiated by the material that adapts to the particular season. The winter side features 500 g/m² of Wool, which is a naturally insulating fibre. In summer, 400 g/m² of Cotton regulates the temperature all while capturing moisture and transpiration.

The Impérial Cruise mattress provides comfort and aesthetics; the soft and meticulous surface and strip ticking is made of Viscose and Cotton.

Practical when handling the mattress, handles can also be a visual element finishing off the mattress beauty and the 5 embroidered handles on the Impérial Cruise prove it.

The 4 vents on the sides of the mattress make it perfectly healthy.

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